Your car needs your special attention in the winter season. You also need your car to function properly and not breakdown in the middle of a chilly road.

Car owners often face issues while starting the car engine during winters, or their battery runs out of power in the middle of the road. These issues are very common in the cold season.

Since your car needs you as much you need it during the winter season, here are some tips that can help you keep your car in a good condition.

1. Check Tyres

If you live in a hilly area that receives snowfall during winter season, then one of the most important things to check are the tyres. Tyres tend to lose their tread over time. A worn-out tyre will not provide a firm grip on snowy and slippery roads. Make sure that the depth of treads on your car tyre is at least more than a quarter inches. If it is less, it would be wise to replace them.

2. Keep the Battery Charged

Battery of a car suffers a lot during winter. At low temperatures, a car battery loses its charge significantly and you might face issues while starting your car if your battery is old.

  • Get your battery checked to figure out whether it is in good condition to last through the winter. Replace the battery if needed to avoid surprises.
  • Also, make sure that you start the engine of your car every two or three days, even if you do not need to go somewhere. This prevents the battery from going into deep discharge.
  • One more tip is to leave the engine idle after a cold start to let the fluids warm up and all the pressures generated to optimum levels. Revving the engine while it is cold puts extra stress on the batteries to maintain fluid pressure.

3. Check the Headlights

Over the time, headlights become pale due to dirt and dust. Consider cleaning them to improve visibility during thick fog and smog. You can apply toothpaste on the headlights and wipe it with a smooth cotton cloth for easy cleaning.

Also, fog lights have proved to be highly helpful while driving through thick fog and morning dew. It also makes it easier for other drivers to see your car with the fog lights on.

4. Careful with the Wipers

During the winter season, you need wipers to wipe off dew very often. However, wipers often get stuck in cold weather as the rubber gets hard.

Before using the wipers, it is advisable to turn on the heater and let the temperature of windscreen normalise.  You can also add a softener including shampoo or mild liquid detergent in the windshield washer tank to ensure wipers of your car work properly.

It is also suggested that you change your car’s wipers after every year as rubber of the wiper tends to get hard over the time. Squeaking sound, streaks and missed expanse of glass are some sure signs to change the wiper blades.

Happy Driving!